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FarrWest Environmental Supply offers you Wireless Accessories from RAE Systems for sale or rent. We provide competitive pricing, training, service, and support on all RAE Systems Wireless Accessories that we sell, from the SensorRAE Conditioning System to the SolarRAE Power Generator.

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RAE Systems
RAE Systems RAELink 3


Wireless Gas Monitoring Transmission Systems with Integrated GPS
RAELink3 modem allows integration of many RAE Systems gas and radiation monitors, and select third-party devices into an AreaRAE wireless detection system. Monitors linked with a RAELink3 modem can communicate sensor data and GPS coordinates to a command center's PC running ProRAE Remote Software up to 2 miles away. Bluetooth connectivity simplifies use with handheld monitors, while a user-friendly display and interface simplify configuration and status checking of the RAELink3.

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RAE Systems RAELink 2


Wireless Modem
The RAELink2 Wireless Modem is a key building block of the AreaRAE Wireless Platform. It is built into the AreaRAE monitor and is used in a stand-alone configuration with the ProRAE Remote Base Station, RAE Systems portable monitors and a wide variety of third-party products. RAELink2 allows real-time data transmission between the monitors and the base station, which can be located up to two miles away. Each ProRAE Remote Base Station can communicate with and display data from up to 32 remote monitors.

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RAE Systems SensorRAE


Sensor Conditioning System
The SensorRAE is a four socket electrochemical (EC) sensor conditioning station. It keeps RAE Systems' EC sensors warmed up and ready for immediate use when they are not installed in a RAE Systems' multi-sensor product. Responders often require a complete "suite" of EC sensors (CO, H2S, SO2, NO, NO2, Cl2, HCN, PH3, and NH3) but may only be using one or two sensors at a time in a particular detector. EC sensors must reach an electrical stability to provide their best performance. While it takes less than an hour per CO sensor to stabilize, it takes at least 24 hours for a NH3 sensor (reference RAE Systems TN 114). However, when a particular chemical threat is identified, the appropriate sensor needs to be ready for use immediately upon installation in a detector. When a specific EC sensor is required, remove it from the SensorRAE and insert it into the RAE Systems detector. The standard alarm points and calibration values will automatically be loaded into the detector. Reassemble the detector, turn it on, calibrate the sensor and it is ready for use.

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RAE Systems SolarRAE


Power Generator for Wireless RAE Systems Detectors
The RAE Solar Enclosure provides safe and reliable power generation without the expense of installing utility power. The solar system is designed to be used with AreaRAE wireless detectors or any RAE Systems wireless product including the MiniRAE 3000, ppbRAE Plus, MultiRAE Plus, and ChemRAE.

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