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AreaRAE Pro

Remote visibility on more threats than ever — for an enhanced level of real-time situational awareness

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AreaRAE Pro is a transportable multi-threat area monitor that simultaneously detects toxic and combustible gases, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), radiation, and meteorological factors that affect the speed, direction and behavior of gas — for enhanced situational awareness. It works with Honeywell’s remote monitoring software, so you can see the realtime threat readings, alarm status, location of each AreaRAE Pro and much more — and make faster, more informed safety decisions.

AreaRAE Pro is designed for the needs of:
• Emergency responders
• Fire departments
• Law enforcement
• Hazmat teams
• Military teams
• Civil support teams

Whether you’re carrying the monitor into a hot zone, setting up a perimeter or deploying it at a public venue — for hours, days or weeks at a time — count on the AreaRAE Pro to give you the right hazard intelligence so you can ensure the safety of your teams and the general public.

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Manufacturer RAE Systems
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Dimensions: 314 x 306 x 166 mm (with rubber boot)
12.36” x 12.04” x 6.53” (with rubber boot)
Weight: 6.3 kg (13.88 lb) full option configuration
6.5 kg ( 14.33 lb) full option configuration (+RAEMet)
Gas Sensor Slots: up to 7; see Sensor list
Additional Sensor: Gamma;
RAEMet (Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Temperature & Humidity)
GPS: Standard equipment in every unit
Battery: Rechargeable 7.2 V / 10 Ah Li-ion battery pack with built-in charger
Alkaline Battery Adapte
Operating Hours: ~20 hours with wireless connectivity on Li-ion battery pack
~12 hours with wireless connectivity on Alkaline battery adapter
Display: Large 240 x 320 pixel LCD backlit display(64 x 85 mm / 2.5” x 3.33”)
Keypads: 3 operation and programming keys
Alarms: Multi-tone 108 dB buzzer @ 3.3 ft / 1 m, Bright LED 360 degree
view and on-screen indication of alarm conditions
Additional diagnostic alarm and display message for low battery
Data Logging: Continuous data logging (90 days for 7 gas sensors, 1 Gamma
sensor, 1 RAEMet (wind speed & direction, temp and RH), and GPS
at 1 min intervals, 24/7)
Data Storage: 24M bytes (memory full action: stop when full or Wrap around)
Data Interval: User-configurable from 1 to 3,600 sec
Wireless: Bluetooth Low Energy module (BT4.0) and GPS
Wireless range:
Up to 2 miles (3 km) for ISM 900 MHz;
Up to 1.2 miles (2 km) for ISM 2.4 GHz;
Up to 330 ft (100m) for Wi-Fi;
Up to 660 ft (200m) for Mesh secondary radio;
Up to 15 ft (5m) for BLE
Communication: Wireless data and alarm status transmission via Wi-Fi or ISM
Safety Certifications: US / Canada: Class 1, Division 2 Groups A, B, C, D
Sampling Pump: Built-in pump, typical flow rate 450 cc/min
Temperature: -20 °C to +50 °C / (- 4 °F to +122 °F)
Humidity 0% to 95% relative humidity (non-condensing)
Ingress Protection: IP 65
Performance Tests: MIL-STD-810G and 461F
LEL CSA C22.2No. 152, ISA-12.13.01
Warranty: Four years for O2 Liquid Oxygen sensors
Three years for CO, and H2S sensors
Two years for non-consumable components, catalytic LEL sensor and
10.6eV 7R+ PID lamp
One year on all other sensors, battery, and other consumable parts
Six months for 9.8eV lamp PID sensor
  • Monitors up to seven threats, including Gamma radiation , VOCs, combustibles, Toxics and Oxygen
  • Ppb performance level on VOCs measurement 
  • Dedicated gamma sensor slot
  • Local weather station
  • Part of ConneXt Safety Solutions with ISM and Wi-Fi wireless configurations 
  • Wireless technology sends real-time data to command station up to two miles (3km) away 
  • Secondary radio module (Mesh) act as an communication Hub for other wireless devices
  • Ruggedized, portable, and weather-resistant design for harsh environments
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