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FarrWest Environmental Supply offers you Water Depth Instruments from Eno Scientifics for sale or rent. We provide competitive pricing, training, service and support on all Eno Scientific products that we sell, from the popular Well Sounder 2010 PRO to the complete WS2100 Flow Meter Kit.

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Eno Scientific Well Sounder2010

Well Sounder 2010 PRO

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The WS2010 PRO is a sonic water level meter, designed and manufactured by Eno Scientific, to measure static water level in wells. This portable handheld unit uses sound waves to measure the distance from the top of the well to the water level. This eliminates the need to lower anything into the well, preventing well contamination and clean up. Simply place the probe into a well cap opening and turn the unit on, within seconds the unit will display the static water level measurement. Complete Specifications

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Eno Scientific Well Watch 1100

Well Watch 1100

The Well Watch 1100 is a simple to use, self-contained, semi-permanent acoustic ranging instrument designed specifically to find the distance through a pipe or bore hole to an obstruction which could be the surface of water in the hole or the dry bottom. Complete Specifications

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Eno Scientific WS131 Flow Meter

WS131 Flow Meter

The Eno Scientific flow meter is designed to measure water flow for monitoring well drawdown and usage. It uses a modular design consisting of a PVC housing and an electronic sensor module that easily attaches to the housing using a hand tightened ring nut. With the sensor in place, electrical pulses are generated as water moves past the paddle wheel which can be interpreted as water volume by an Eno Scientific Well Sounder or other device. Complete Specifications

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Eno Scientific WS2100 Flow Meter Kit

WS 2100 Flow Meter Kit

The Eno Scientific Flow Meter Kit combines all the instrumentation needed to do a draw down test in most wells. Starting with the popular Well Sounder 2010 PRO with its built-in logger and USB computer connectivity, add the new Eno Scientific WS131 Flow Sensor with a variety of housing sizes and cables, and you are ready to start drawdown testing.

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