Rental Equipment by Category: Miscellaneous

FLIR E60bx

The FLIR E60bx gives you 320 × 240 resolution thermal images and a fully-integrated color camera, making it your most powerful inspection tool! The E60bx captures JPEG images that have all of the temperature measurement data you can possibly gather embedded in every pixel, making it a precision measurement tool that gives you results you can count on. Overlay the image from its color camera to make reporting even more effective.

Rental Rates
Daily $ 95.00
Weekly $ 300.00
Monthly $ 900.00
For full details on the FLIR E60bx, click here.
Trimble GeoXH

The GeoX handheld is Trimble's top-of-the-line solution for high accuracy GIS data collection. Engineered with H-Star technology, the GeoXH handheld delivers the subfoot (10 cm) GPS accuracy required by electric and gas utilities, water and wastewater services, land reform projects, and other applications where accurate positioning is crucial.

Rental Rates
Daily $ 60.00
Weekly $ 225.00
Monthly $ 785.00
For full details on the Trimble GeoXH, click here.
Trimble Zephyr Antenna

The Trimble Zephyr 2 is a high-performance lightweight GNSS rover antenna optimized for precision RTK applications. The Zephyr 2 GNSS antenna is typically used in roving applications. It minimizes multipath, and offers robust low elevation tracking and sub-millimeter phase center repeatability. The Trimble Zephyr 2 antennas have the ability to track Modernized GPS signals, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, OmniSTAR, and SBAS.

Rental Rates
Daily $ 15.00
Weekly $ 45.00
Monthly $ 145.00
For full details on the Trimble Zephyr Antenna, click here.
Arizona Instruments Jerome J405

The J405 utilizes the industry-proven, inherently stable and reliable gold film sensor technology and simple, one-button operation. The ergonomically-designed handle, lighter exterior case and significantly lower detection capabilities (0.5 µg/m3) make it a portable, easy to use, low-level mercury detection instrument. With a detection limit of 0.5µg / m3, the J405 is ideal for both industrial and residential cleanup settings

Rental Rates
Daily $ 150.00
Weekly $ 450.00
Monthly $ 995.00
For full details on the Arizona Instruments Jerome J405, click here.
Well-Vu 1000' Downhole Camera System

From the leader in downhole viewing systems, Well-Vu, Farrwest is proud to provide the 500 and 750 foot downhole viewing camera for rent. The standard detachable camera head incorporates the latest technology video chip from Sony providing the highest quality image possible. The Fisheye Camera has 180° lens which shows twice as much detail as a standard lens.

Rental Rates
Daily $ 150.00
Weekly $ 450.00
Monthly $ 1250.00
For full details on the Well-Vu 1000' Downhole Camera System , click here.
Quest QT-46 Heat Stress Monitor

QUESTemp QT46 heat stress monitor simplifies heat stress management efforts by providing users with real-time guidance on stay times and work/rest regimens with a waterless wet bulb sensor. A high-quality humidity sensor and a proprietary algorithm perform the calculation of WBGT values, eliminating the hassles of daily wet bulb maintenance.

Rental Rates
Daily $ 65.00
Weekly $ 190.00
Monthly $ 560.00
For full details on the Quest QT-46 Heat Stress Monitor, click here.
Ludlum Measurements 2241-3RK

The Ludlum Measurements 2241-3RK consists of 4 pieces. The general purpose, digital ratemeter with a built-in scaler that provides timed counts over a user specified period. The 44-9 is sensitive to alpha, beta, and gamma radiation, is enclosed within a rugged metal enclosure. The 44-2 is used to detect low-level, wide energy Gamma radiation. The 133-6 is used for wide area Gamma monitoring

Rental Rates
Daily $ 45.00
Weekly $ 150.00
Monthly $ 400.00
For full details on the Ludlum Measurements 2241-3RK, click here.
Global Water FP201 Flow Probe

The Global Water Flow Probe is a highly accurate water velocity instrument for measuring flows in open channels and partially filled pipes. The water velocity probe consists of a protected water turbo prop positive displacement sensor coupled with an expandable probe handle ending in a digital readout display.

Rental Rates
Daily $ 35.00
Weekly $ 75.00
Monthly $ 225.00
For full details on the Global Water FP201 Flow Probe, click here.
Subsurface Instruments ML-1 Magnetic Locator

The ML-1 is one of the longest-enduring and most popular products for magnetic detection. The ML series offers simple one-handed operation with an easy-to-learn keypad featuring only three buttons - no menus or cumbersome instructions to follow. The ML-1 features strong monotube construction, providing structural integrity you can count on.

Rental Rates
Daily $ 35.00
Weekly $ 95.00
Monthly $ 290.00
For full details on the Subsurface Instruments ML-1 Magnetic Locator, click here.
Quest Model 2100 Sound Level Meter

The Quest model 2100 Sound Level Meter measures frequency weighted and time averaged sound pressure level. The model 2100 is an easy to use hand held meter with an LCD display that provides a numerical readout. It is housed in a rugged RF shielded, injection molded case. The meter is operated with a simple slide switch.

Rental Rates
Daily $ 25.00
Weekly $ 70.00
Monthly $ 200.00
For full details on the Quest Model 2100 Sound Level Meter, click here.
AMS Basic Soil Sampling Kit

The AMS Basic Soil Sampling Kit gives you the ability to auger in most materials up to 12' and then collect a soil core sample. The Basic Soil Sampling Kit is designed to provide all the items needed for sampling in a convenient carrying case. Includes regular auger, sand auger, mud auger, rubber coated cross handle, soil core sampler, slide hammer, 4' extensions, plastic liner, plastic end caps, wrenches, set of cleaning brushes, and a foam-padded hard-sided AMS deluxe carrying case with handles and wheels.

Rental Rates
Daily $ 40.00
Weekly $ 140.00
Monthly $ 400.00
For full details on the AMS Basic Soil Sampling Kit, click here.