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Kappler Durachem 500 Suit

NFPA 1994 Certified Garment Offers Affordable Tactical Protection for CBRN and Hazmat

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D5H458 94-X

Introducing DuraChem® 500, the game-changing NFPA 1994 solution for terrorism incident response. It’s the only NFPA-certified terrorism response suit to meet one elusive goal: maximum protection at an affordable price.

Certified to NFPA Class 1 and Class 2, DuraChem 500 offers CBRN/Hazmat protection in a tactical style garment. In addition to the Chem-Bio requirements, which include warfare agent testing, the 2018 edition of the NFPA 1994 standard also includes general Hazmat response to expand the applications for DuraChem 500.

Besides the hazard protection, DuraChem 500 also protects your budget. Designed as a 'multi-use, single-exposure’ garment, it's much more affordable than expensive reusables.

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Manufacturer Kappler
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Class 1 Chemical Test Battery*
Chemical Class 1 Minutes Class 2 Minutes Criteria
Acrolein >60 >60 >6.0 ug/cm2
Acrylonitrile >60 >60 >6.0 ug/cm2
Ammonia >60 >60 >6.0 ug/cm2
Chlorine >60 >60 >6.0 ug/cm2
Diethylamine >60 NA >6.0 ug/cm2
Dimethyl Sulfate >60 >60 >6.0 ug/cm2
Ethyl Acetate >60 NA >6.0 ug/cm2
Sulfuric Acid >60 NA >6.0 ug/cm2
Tetrachloroethylene >60 NA >6.0 ug/cm2
Toluene >60 NA >6.0 ug/cm2


Chemical Warfare Agent Data*
Chemical Agent Class 1 Minutes Class 2 Minutes Criteria
Soman >60 >60 1.25 ug/cm2
Distilled Mustard >60 >60 4.0 ug/cm2


Class 2 Biohazard Testing
Hazard Method Result
Blood/Viral ASTM-F1671 Pass


  • Includes dual certification to NFPA 1994 (2018 Edition) for both Class 1 and Class 2
  • Provides CBRN protection and general Hazmat protection in tactical-style non-encapsulating suit
  • ‘Multi-use, single-exposure’ garment provides maximum protection at affordable price compared to expensive reusable garments
  • Unique rear-entry design facilitates doffing to eliminate cross-contamination concerns
  • Elastomeric face opening gasket fits securely around respirator, eliminates need for taping