FarrWest began providing on-site and mail-in maintenance and calibration programs in 2010 and has become the leader in these all-inclusive contracts. We provide these services to first responders, government agencies, educational institutions, research labs and private entities throughout the states of Texas and Oklahoma and beyond. Among the largest entities that trust FarrWest to calibrate and maintain their gas detection, radiation detection, and CBRNE equipment are Oklahoma Department of Homeland Security, Texas Commision on Environmental Quality, and the Brazos River Authority. We provide unparalleled service, training, and the most flexible pricing in the industry.

A service program typically consists of 90 or 60 day on-site calibration and maintenance where we ensure that our client's equipment is working to manufacturers standards. All sensors, pumps, and electronics are checked to ensure quality performancea and any failures are remedied either on-site or at our 2400 square foot fully stocked repair lab. Between service intervals, we provide 24/7 support with a typical 36 hour resolution of all equipment issues. Often, our factory-trained technicians can fix most problems over the phone with step by step troubleshooting. However, if more in-depth diagnosis and repair is required, we dispatch a loaner item of the same type and capabilities for our clients to put into operation while we receive their equipment for complete repair and calibration.

FarrWest provides equipment lease programs for your operational needs, further simplyfing your maintenace and budgeting requirements. We provide only the newest, most technologically advanced equipment in our lease programs. Our long relationships with the most popular manufacturers means we can bring you the best equipment at the lowest price. When it comes time to renew your program, you have the option of replacing your equipmnet with the newest, most up to date model available.

Benefits of a FarrWest Service Program

Regular 90 or 60 day onsite maintenance of your equipment by factory certified technicians.
24/7 help line with Proboard certified Hazmat Technicians.
36 hour resolution on equipment issues or questions.
Loaner equipment provided (usually within 36 hours) for any unit failures between service cycles.
Hassle-free equipment maintenance, never deal with manufacturer "help" lines again.
Training & Certification
Yearly equipment training classes with a certified trainer.
All FarrWest-employed technicians are factory certified to maintain your equipment.
No more cost or hassle of getting your own personnel to manufacturer training clases.
Avoid finding yourself without trained repair personnel when they are promoted out of position, injured, or retired.
Flexible payment schedules.
Never need to budget for manufacturer certification classes.
Never need to budget for unknown repair and maintenace costs.
Loaners make budgeting for purchase and maintenace of "backup" equipment unneccesary.
Discounted rates for upgraded equipment.

Below are just a few of the over 200 organizations that trust FarrWest with their Calibration and Maintenance needs:

  •   San Antonio Fire Department
  •   Harris County
  •   Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
  •   Oklahoma Department of Homeland Security
  •   Bexar County
  •   Brazos River Authority
  •   Port Arthur Fire Department
  •   US Army North

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