AMS Signature Series Soil Classification Kit

AMS Signature Series Soil Classification Kit

The NEW AMS Signature Series Soil Classification Kit was built with operator comfort and efficiency in mind.

The AMS Signature Series thread pattern allows for quick and easy connection/disconnection with 2-1/2” turns to connect. It also includes the AMS ratcheting cross handle, knurled extensions in 1ft. intervals, soil color binder with chart, and extendible tile probe which is crucial for locating underground obstructions. Other kit components include; regular auger, mud auger, open face clay auger, auger cleanout tool, three 4ft. extensions, 10pd. slide hammer, 2” x 6” Split Core Sampler, two cleaning brushes, gloves, slip wrench, Fluoropolymer tape (for threads), wrenches, all packaged in a poly-reinforced carrying case with convenient wheels and handles.

Please make sure any accessories you intend to use with your AMS Sampling Kits use the same connection type that are used in the kit.