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Chlorine Institute Emergency Kit "A"

Chlorine Institute Emergency Kit "C"

Chlorine Institute Emergency Kit "B"

Includes devices and tools to contain leaks to the specifications of The Chlorine Institute.


Chlorine Institute Emergency Kit "B"

For one ton chlorine containers

Product Flyer

The Chlorine Institute Emergency Kit "B" is manufactured to the design specifications of the Chlorine Institute. The Emergency Kit "B" contains devices to stop leaks at the valves, fusible plugs, and in the side wall of chlorine one ton containers which conform to specification DOT 106A500X. Two instruction booklets explaining the application of each device are included. An instructionDVDfor KitBis also available.

DEVICE #14: NEW Capping device designed to contain leaks in and around ton container fusible plugs without touching the plug itself using the new bar assembly #28C.

DEVICE #12: NEW Design to contain leaks in and around the ton container valves with spring loaded, adjustable yoke assembly.

DEVICE #9: NEW Patching device designed for sealing leaks in the ton container side wall with much less torque with fewer pressure points than previous design.

Kit “B” also includes a variety of hand tools, inspection seals and additional sealing devices. All items are labeled with a part number, color coded yellow and stored inside a durable polyethylene tool box