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Diver Smart Interface Cable

DDC-DXT Adapter

Diver Smart Interface Cable + DDC-DXT Adapter

Connect the Smart Interface Cable to DDC Cables

The Diver Smart Interface Cable™ is a communication device to link the Divers deployed on a communication cable (DXT or DDC) to a PC, laptop and/or tablet. Simply plug the Smart Interface Cable in an available USB port of the computer and connect the other end to the communication cable. The deployed Diver can now be accessed using the free Diver-Office software. Once connected, the Diver can be programmed, settings read, or data downloaded. The Smart Interface Cable features a barometric sensor that allows for real-time comparison of Diver readings and manual measurements. After connecting the Smart Interface Cable, the Diver can be returned to its original position in the well with the supplied Suspension Plate. The Smart Interface Cable features indicators for sensing if a cable is connected, a Diver is connected to the communication cable or if the communication cable is malfunctioning. The Smart Interface Cable can be used for communication cables from 1 meter up to 500 meters in length. The Smart Interface Cable is designed to be used in the field and supports all Divers. Note: Diver-Office 2017.2 or later must be installed to be able to communicate to the Diver through the Diver Smart Interface Cable.
  • Real-time atmospheric pressure measurement
  • Informational indicators: ready, sending data, receiving data
  • Warning indicators: Diver not connected/communicating, cable malfunctioning
  • Plug-and-play
  • Compare Diver measurements to manual measurements