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Diver-MOD Interface

Diver Smart Interface Cable

Diver USB Reading Unit



The USB Reading Unit is connected to a USB port of a PC, laptop and/or tablet. Simply insert the Diver into the base of the USB Reading Unit to connect to it using the free Diver-Office software. Once connected the Diver can be programmed, settings or data read. The conductivity sensor of the CTD-Diver can be calibrated using the USB Reading Unit.

The USB Reading Unit can be used in the field or the office and supports all Divers.

Note: Diver-Office must be installed to be able to communicate with the Diver.

  • Supports all Divers
  • Calibrate the conductivity sensor of the CTD-Diver
  • One reading device for all Divers
  • Plug-and-play





Length USB cable

34 mm

71 mm

~160 g

Polycarbonate, ABS

~110 cm