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HazMatID Elite


Portable FT-IR gas and vapour chemical identifier. Using Fourier Transform Infrared, GasID analyses chemicals to provide rapid identification of gases and vapours.

The GasID measures how gases and vapors interact with infrared light. Each chemical has its own unique infrared fingerprint, which when analyzed by the GasID results in an identification. The GasID’s compact sample collection device is carried down range into the Hot Zone and allowed to run for 10 minutes. Once the gas or vapor is collected, the sample cell is detached from the pump, passed through the decon line, and then connected to the GasID system for analysis.
  • Identifies unknown gases and vapors in seconds
  • No user calibration required
  • Easy to use in Level A gear
  • Can Identify over 5,500 gases and vapors
  • Large library of gases and vapor spectra