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HAIX Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX Mid Boots

Black Eagle Safety 55 Mid Side Zip Boots


Law enforcement boot developed for and with SRTs


HAIX Secura Liner:
Footwear inner liner which will never pull out or wrinkle up over time; lining is firmly secured and sealed along with the upper leather beneath the sole.

HAIX Sun Reflect Leather:
Reduces the heating effect of the upper leather by direct sunlight. Sunlight is reflected by the leather, keeping the leather and the feet cooler.

HAIX MSL System:
Stands for Micro Soft Light which is extremely lightweight foam injected into the sole to provide exceptional shock absorption and superior heat/cold insulation. Long lasting system has been proven to last the lifetime of the boot.

Upper Material:
A combination of waterproof leather, hydrophobic, breathable leather and flame retardant fabric

Moisture Barrier:
CROSSTECH Footwear waterproof, breathable, bacteria and chemical resistant, bloodborne pathogen resistant

Fast Roping Properties:
No seams on the inside lacing area of the shoe, abrasion-proof materials, padded ankle protection, and pronounced sole edge for superior braking features.

Closed two-zone lacing system:
No risk of catching or trouser leg abrasion, twozone lacing can be separately and permanently fixed at different levels of tightness, flame retardant Nomex laces, hardware is nickel-free, rust-free, with no stud attachment through lining.

Protective Throughsole:
Flexible Kevlar sole inlay, protection from nails

PU impact absorption wedge for good insulation against old, nonslip (even on cold or smooth surfaces), self-cleaning, non-marking, oil and fuel resistant, antistatic, allows quiet walking movements.

Anatomically shaped, removable insole with moisture transportation properties and good shock absorption.

Extended Wear Program:
Out of warranty footwear can be refurbished with original factory parts through a resole package. This package includes any necessary
replacement or repair of stitching, profiled rubber toe caps, soles, and insoles. Footwear will be cleaned and deodorized.

  • Color black
  • Inside CROSSTECH
  • Material waterproof leather
  • Sole DAVOS Sole
  • Leg height 8 inches