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On Hold Pending Analysis Drum Warning Labels

On Hold Pending Analysis Drum Warning Labels

Non-Hazardous Waste Labels

Non-Hazardous Waste Labels

Hazardous Waste Warning Labels

Used to indicate special handling is required.


Hazardous Warning Label

6in. x 6in. (100/pk)

Hazardous Waste Handle with Care (Federal Design)

It's easy and economical to mark your Hazardous Waste. Use a bold yellow Hazardous Waste Label with space for additional details.

• This effective label can make an impact around hazardous waste areas.

• These labels are lightweight, easy-to-use and economical.

• These labels feature bright colors and plenty of detailed information to help your employees understand their waste and hazardous materials system.

• Made from 4 mil vinyl, which is flexible and conforms to irregular or curved surfaces.

• UV-resitant, weatherproof overlaminate protects the label from moisture, solvents, chemicals, abrasion and fading. Easily wipe off dirt, dust or grease.

• Easy to clean and mar-resitant. The surface may be written on with permanent marker.

• Labels withstand chemical splash and can be used inside or outdoors.