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Flouride Detection Paper

M295 Decontamination Kit

M256A1 Chemical Detector Kit

Capable of detecting and identifying hazardous concentrations of chemical agents in a large area.

M256A1 Chemical Detector Kit

The M256A1 is used to confirm the absence, or detect the presence, of chemical agents. Use of the kit can also determine the type of agent present: nerve, blister, blood Lewisite or Mustard. The sampler-detectors consist of a series of ampoules containing reagents. The ampoules are attached to a small hand-held card. When the ampoules are crushed between the fingers, the liquid reagents can flow down plastic tubes to three distictively shaped test spots. Each test spot is open to the air and, when the reagent wets the test spot, it interacts with the chemical agent in the air, and will turn the test spot a certain color. If there is no agent present, then there will be no reaction. The reaction indicates whether a chemical agent is, or is not, present in the air. The kit does not need to be pointed in a certain direction for it to detect chemical agents, nor does it require a close proximity to work effectively.

  • 12 Sampler-Detectors
  • One booklet of M8 Paper
  • Instruction cards attached by a lanyard to the plastic carrying case.