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Hazardous Waste Warning Labels

Hazardous Waste Warning Labels

Non-Regulated Waste Warning Labels

Non-Regulated Waste Warning Labels

Non-Hazardous Waste Labels

Used to indicate special handling is required.


Non-Hazardous Waste Warning Label

6in. x 6in. (100/pk)

Make sure all of your waste is properly labeled. Adhere economical hazard labels to warn of Non Hazardous Waste products.

• Alert employees to the fact that this waste is not hazardous or regulated by the EPA, so they can more easily know what waste IS hazardous.

• These labels cost less than other labels, and adhere to most surfaces easily.

• Blank space allows you to add supplemental information regarding your waste storage and transport.

• Made from 3.3 mil (.0033") thick top coated matte white, biaxially-oriented plastic film suitable for outdoor applications for up to two years plus.

• Biaxially-oriented plastic adapts to curved surfaces and being biaxially-oriented means that the material is stretched in two different directions which increases the tensile strength, improves the optical qualities, and enhances the barrier to water, chemicals, oils or gases. These qualities combined with its superior weatherability make it a perfect choice for drum labeling.

• Comes with a premium drum and barrel (permanent) acrylic adhesive for film facestocks that provides excellent adhesion to painted metal, polyolefin and fiber drums in all weather conditions. It is well suited for the most difficult labeling applications.