Conductivity 1413 4L Bottle

Conductivity Calibration Solution

pH Buffer Solutions

Standard solution for calibrating pH sensors.

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High quality calibration solutions from AquaSolutions, available in pH 4, pH 7 or pH 10 in differing colors in order to make identification of solutions and calibration easier.

More Information
Manufacturer AquaSolutions
Product Code 1460 1500 1525
Chemical Name Buffer Reference pH 4.0/Red Buffer Reference pH 7.0/Yellow Buffer Reference pH 10.0/Blue
pH 4.008 +/- 0.010 @ 25°C 7.000 +/- -0.010 @ 25°C 10.000 +/- 0.010 @ 25°C
Prepared to Formulation on File Yes Yes Yes
Appearance and Color Clear pink liquid, thymol smell Clear yellow liquid, odorless Clear blue liquid, odorless
Country of Origin USA USA USA
Harmonization Code 3204.11.10 00 2835.24.0000 2836.30.0000