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RAE Interchangable PID Lamps

RAE Interchangable PID Lamps

RAE PID Sensors

Replacement Sensors for  RAE Systems PID's.

As low as $399.00 was $420.00

RAE Systems is an innovator and the recognized industry leader in the development of photoionization detectors (PIDs). PIDs use ultraviolet (UV) rays to bombard gas samples and detect a broad range of VOCs such as formaldehyde, methane, and benzene, as well as hydrocarbons that typically occur in oil drilling and refining. These sensors provide an instant reading indicating whether gas is present. This makes PID sensors useful in go/no-go situations where personnel are unsure of what threats they face. RAE Systems offers PIDs that measure in parts-per-million (ppm), as well as specialized PIDs that are highly sensitive to low concentrations of VOCs, and can identify parts-per-billion (ppb). With fast and simple calibration and a large library of correction factors available for a variety of gases, our PIDs set the industry standard for reliability and accuracy.

Lamp Energy Range Part Number Use With...
10.6 eV, ppb 10 - 2,000 ppb C03-0912-001 MultiRAE Pro
10.6 eV, HR 0.1 - 5,000 ppm C03-0912-002 MultiRAE/MultiRAE Pro
10.6 e V, HR 0.1 - 2,000 ppm C03-0912-000 ToxiRAE Pro PID/MultiRAE/MultiRAE Pro
9.8 eV 0.1 - 2,000 ppm C03-0912-010 ToxiRAE Pro PID
10.6 eV, LR 1 - 1,000 ppm C03-0912-003

ToxiRAE Pro PID/MultiRAE Lite/

MultiRAE/MultiRAE Pro