Solinst Model 102 Water Level Meter
Special Price $360.00 Regular Price $400.00

The Solinst Model 102 Water Level Meter is designed to measure groundwater levels, especially in small diameter tubes and piezometers or where a flexible cable is needed to snake past an in-well pump.
The Model 102 Water Level Meter uses a choice of two small diameter probe designs, attached to a narrow coaxial cable, fitted on a sturdy ergonomically designed reel. A standard 9 volt battery, housed in an easy-access battery drawer, powers the Water Level Meter.
Model 102 Probes are designed with segmented weights for flexibility. The probe tip uses a recessed design to minimize false signals in cascading water.
1/4" dia. x 1.5" long (6.4 mm x 38 mm) stainless steel with
12 weights, weighing 2.5 oz (70 g). It is ideal for accessing
narrow diameters.
3/8" dia. x 1.5" long (10 mm x 38 mm) brass with
10 weights, weighing 4.6 oz (130 g). The heavier probe is
ideal for greater depths.
The coaxial cable has a durable polyethylene jacket with permanent markings precisely laser etched on the cable every 1/100 ft. or each millimeter. The cable reels smoothly, remains flexible, and comes in lengths from 100 ft. - 1000 ft. (30 m - 300 m). A braided copper outer conductor gives flexibility and a stranded stainless steel central conductor gives strength. It is easy to repair and splice.