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Solinst Model 3001 Levelogger Junior Edge

Solinst Model 3001 Levelogger Junior Edge

Solinst Model 3001 LTC Levelogger Junior

Combines conductivity, pressure and temperature sensors in one compact device.

As low as $1,111.50 was $1,170.00

The LTC Levelogger Junior logs conductivity, as well as waterlevel and temperature. Like the LT Levelogger Junior Edge, it is easy to transport, program, deploy and retrieve data. It combines a datalogger, 5-year battery, Hastelloy® pressure sensor, temperature detector, and conductivity sensor within a small waterproof housing, 7/8" x 7.5" (22 mm x 190 mm).

The conductivity sensor is a 4-electrode platinum sensor, with auto-ranging capabilities. The minimal maintenance, sealed LTC Levelogger Junior is simple to clean and calibrate, even in the field.

Using Levelogger Series Software, it displays conductivity, temperature, and temperature-compensated water level. Memory is non-volatile and stores up to 16,000 sets of readings. Measurements are linear, in any interval between 5 seconds and 99 hours.


  • Low cost
  • Corrosion resistant Hastelloy pressure sensor
  • Three measurements in one probe
  • Single or multi-point calibration
  • Basic and advanced data compensation options
Level Sensor Piezoresistive Silicon with Hastelloy Sensor
Ranges F30/M10, F100/M30
Accuracy 0.1% FS
Normalization Automatic Temp Compensation
Temperature Sensor Platinum Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD)
Accuracy ± 0.1˚C
Resolution 0.1˚C
Temp Compensation Range 10˚C to 40˚C
Conductivity Sensor 4-Electrode Platinum
Full Range 0 - 80,000 μS/cm
Calibrated Range 500 - 50,000 μS/cm
Accuracy 2% of reading or 20 μS/cm
Resolution 1 μS
Temp Compensation Range 0˚C to 40˚C
Normalization Specific Conductance @ 25˚C