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Designed for the rapid collection and analysis of samples from suspect items, materials or people.


TRACE-PRO is a non-radioactive explosives trace detector designed to make it quick and easy to collect and analyze samples from suspect goods, materials or people. TRACE-PRO is ready to go in less than three minutes and can detect and identify common explosive in seconds. TRACE-PRO's unique IMS inlet design protects the system from contamination-providing the fastest clear down of any explosives trace detector in its class. This significantly increases the number of samples which can be analyzed, providing a more efficient screening operation. Thanks the the revolutionary probe-based sampling swab technique, TRACE-PRO doesn't need gloves, swab stacks or difficult to open tins. Swabs are quick and easy to replace and designed for multiple use. An exclusive integrated evidence collection package provides further information, such as time/date stamp, complete alarm data, photograph and GPS coordinates, all collated in a single file. Data can be downloaded from the unit by USB connection, providing an easy aid to store and access vital information for use against potential suspects. The intuitive user interface is simple to understand and operate, prompting the user through visual symbols, animations and alarms. TRACE-PRO is highly cost effective: it has unique re-usable consumables, exceptional battery life, and minimal training and maintenance requirements.

  • Fast, accurate answers in less than 10 seconds to aid quick decision making
  • Intuitive guided software for ease of use in the field
  • Non-radioactive IMS technology
  • Multiple samples can be taken within 5 minutes of each other
  • Integrated evidence collection package
  • Only explosives detector capable of using commercial AA and rechargeable batteries
  • Fast clear down time