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Teflon Lined Polyethylene Tubing

Teflon Lined Polyethylene Tubing

FEP lined polyethylene TLPE bonded to TRU-Poly® LDPE

FEP lined polyethylene TLPE bonded to TRU-Poly® LDPE

TRU-Poly® Bonded Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)

LDPE tubing for use when high sample integrity is a necessity.

As low as $74.20

TRU-Poly® LDPE stock tubing is offered in a two tube bonded configuration. Durability, superior dielectric and ultra-lightweight properties all make it an ideal choice for a wide spectrum of uses. TRU-Poly® LDPE is non-toxic, impermeable to gasses or moisture and does not impart any tastes or odors thus making it acceptable for food contact applications.

All tubing is certified to be manufactured from 100% virgin grade Kosher material that complies with FDA regulations in Title 21 CFR, section 177.1520 for food grade requirements.

NOTE: We do not recommend the use of barbed fittings on TRU-Poly® tubing products